Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

good online reference


today ive read some of comments in catiav5forum and i found this website http://www.kxcad.net/

this website is really benefits all with its help documents online ranging from CAD,CFD,FEA and electronics stuff. read it carefully and maybe you can find what you need. although the interface is quit dull, but it remind me how help books so boring that can make us go to sleep.

credits to the picture owner and the help online link.

zihad signing out

Sunday, November 15, 2009

catia for design

today ive watched this video that have been published in you tube from Dassault Systemes.totally impressed on the presentation, skills that have been shown in the video and most of all the usefullness of catiaV6.

the use of this V6 is totally imazing, with its new interface that surely looks modern and the function made this V6 really powerful. the design for the seat, cars and other design that have been showed looks great.

surely V6 have total differents with the V5 likes V4 that have been replaced by the V5. and now, with V6,designers surely will have more use and function.

are you are V6 user? care for any sharing experience using V6? as for me and my institution, we are still using the V5 as company demanded for V5 user. maybe 3-5 years later, V6 will replace our V5 in every workstation here.

well, the CAD world is really changing fast as for now, all the CAD software change its mission, that it just not go only for the CAD, but also how CAD and GREEN can combine together to make it a green software that will calculate material and resources and which choice is good for the environment when the product is in process and manufacturing.

thats all.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

cant open assembly files?

Question: After few days creates CATProduct & CATPart then save the file. One day I tried to open the CATProduct in the same PC, this error came out "Problem reading document. Load operation failed". So I can't open any files from the same CATProduct.This problem happen several times. I hope people out there can give me some advice regarding this problem.Thank you in advance.

here is the solution.

as we know, product assembly consist of different parts link together in a file. so, when we want to save the assembly file, we have to use save that give us an option to save the link.this is very important so that the assembly file that we have just saved before can link back to the parts.

what you have to do is:
1. Make an assembly product that you want
2. after you have finish it, please select save management.( this will list out files that are currently opened by your catia v5 either they are link or not with the assembly files)
3. Select appropriate assembly files in the list and click SAVE AS.. ( it is better if you create a folder that named your assembly)
4. then, select propogate directory, so that all the parts that linked to the assembly files is propagated such that your parts files will be save in the same previous folder) *( it is different if you copy and paste the files manually into the folder because it will not keep the links)
5. then select ok.
6. a progress bar will take 2-5 second depends to your size of assembly.
7. finish. your assembly files is saved.
8. try reopen your assembly file. insyaALLAH ok.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

3d design visualization contest

last few weeks, dassault blog have announced their 3 of the best concept design visualization.waa..i ve go through all entries, their are so good at rendering. looking at their background, making CAD as their life, and hundred of rendering per days make them expert in this rendering arena. so, didnt suprising, the black and decker senior engineer won the first prize.

looking at the rendering that he made, make me feel that the product is real and anyone that look at these rendering should be affirm and satisfy with the judges result. so real, and so fantastic. i hope i can learn more about these rendering stuff.

as for me, i also have submit my own rendering that as you can see in minute 1:20 and 2:20. that is a tee fitting and a chain saw.hehehe...a lot more to learn to win an ipod.hehehe..anyway, im happy with my entries and maybe someday i could win any prizes from this kind of competition.hehehe...

okies.its all for now.wait for the next posting ya!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Good Day everybody,

this is my post about auto rendering for turbine. using catia v5r19 image capture, i,ve obtain this nice picture. no need to adjust lighting and camera, as in photo studio. but i think if we use photo studio, we will get more than this.hehe. its like using a compact camera and SLR camera.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rendering with V5R19

Good evening everyone...
Today, my workstation and other 30 workstations have been updated to CATIA v5R19 (student version). Previously we are using CATIA V5R16 and R17 (student version). I thought the supplier company will bring us the V6, but they gave us this R19 instead. thanks to their application engineer and our CAE lab staff group, that have installed this software and just take half day to complete the installation for 30 workstation. and this evening, ive explore some extra function in R19. well, there are so many extra icon in the R19, and i think you can refer to this link http://www.idiada.cz/clanky/news/CV519_factsheet.pdf. And what ive done with the R19, i ve explore the render icon that they provide. this render (and maybe i called it light render) will render the part effectively. It will provide nice background that it have installed in the library, and also, the lighting have been set up for you so that the environment lighting will suit with the rendered object.

ofcourse the material of the part have to be added first. and when we turn on the render option, it will automatically display the background and we can adjust the object so that it will sit perfectly with the enviroment.the just snap on the camera icon, the object will be rendered.

below are some pictures that i ve made with the render image from CATIA V5R19

the image refraction from the glass is good with its soft shadow lay up nicely on the table. maybe this option is good when we want to do a simple rendering but still good rendering. And i think, CATIA V5 has absorb some of solidworks function that enables light rendering.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A study lamp

Hello, good evening for those who are currently in Malaysia. I think it is so long i didnt write anything in my blog. uhhh...with the semester will end soon, many students ask many questions about this software either for their composite analysis, reverse engineering for final year project and DMU kinematics for class projects. but i feel so happy, because the students getting knwowledge about this catia software. because this software have many advance capabilities that other software cant do it.

but, during the hard work, i managed to rendered something that is a desk lamp. This sample i get it from the dassault help files. so, i have made some rendering about this one.

Studio set up

For this rendering, i ve used 5 rectangle lamp and a bulp to light up the inner cap. Ive also have set up an environment so that the bottom environment will act as the desk of the lamp. as u can see, the rectangle on the left of the lamp is the camera that i put up as the scene.

Rendering setting

As we can see in the render table, ive set the output image to be at 1600x1200 px. using a high accuracy, with value about 5-6 for reflection and activate the shadow, ive managed to render image below.

The rendered image have its reflection with the lamp base a less reflection on the top of the lamp. although the desk didnt look so real, but the lamp i think is close to real view.


Here is one image that i really satisfied about the rendered image but its use a different material environment. the lamp 100% nice with is reflection from the bottom to the top of the lamp.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

chain saw rendering

Assalamualaikum and good evening...

heee... todays title is chain saw rendering. ive arrange them in photo studio with rectangle lighting, a camera, and an orange background. below is the assembled picture in photo studio.

after the rendering, here i show to you the result after the rendering. the effect for the plastic and metal part shows a good result.