Tuesday, January 4, 2011

B747 400 Malaysia Airlines System Teaser

Boeing 747 400

Teaser for B747 400 in my Workstation

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day to all catia users around the world. HOw's your life recently? tonnes of work with your CATIA workstation everyday? 
For this post, i would like to show to you my new finished project on Reverse Engineering with CATIA V5 by using 3 view plane method on B747 400. This method is same as my previous post on Su 27 reverse engineering. As before, Su is for military purposes but this B747 400 is for civil used to trasport passengers.

i am really admire on this popular airplane, and as we know it, almost all Airliners have this type of airplane in their inventory. with its 4 turbine engine located on both of its wing made it a beautiful airplane that can travel fast and far distance.

I have also put the paint scheme of my famous airline in my country that is Malaysia Airlines System (MAS). I am sure you ever heard of this airline in your country stands with other airlines company. MAS have been established since i was child and the paint scheme reminds me about its early steps to become the most famous and prestige airline.


I ve done this B747 400 reverse engineering by using wireframe and surface design and part design for solid modelling. and also a bit of photo studio to place the stickers and simple rendering. in the future, i will upload other constructing picture of this airplane so that everybody can learn, share and try new things with CATIA V5.

I didnt put the windows and doors yet for now. maybe in some times, i will place the windows and doors.

ok. see you in next post on construction process of this B747 400 airplane.

* credit to MAS for the logo and its words.