Wednesday, December 24, 2008

cup for two

Hello again, this is my new rendering. i use about7 hours to render this two glass. i do not know if rendering take a such a long time such as this. but i am satisfied to this result. better than before after i have made some adjustment to the setting. The shooting definition, reflacting, refractions, transperancy and refractions of glass property, lighting properties and the environment. although it takes about 7 hour to finish this using core 2 duo and Nvidia Quadro fx 1500, the result is satisfying me. maybe the glittering of lights isnt quit perfect because of the colours looks like it doesnt look well. But the reflections of the cup and the floor make it like a good artist impressions.

maybe after this, i ve to search and learn about perspective and parallel view, a proper lighting and a good camera position.hehehe...anyway..i am already satisfied with this result. care to comments or any suggestion? please do not hesitate to write in.see ya...

now this is my test for another two cup rendering. as we can see there are round and rectangular white on the side of the cup. that is the lighting of the cup. in this rendering image, i've used two differents lights. a rectangular and a round light. so as we can see the lights are reflected from the cup.and that is the result

A cup

This is my first rendering glass cup. the studio color tone is quit good, right! and with the low lighting on the end of the frame. the effect of the white glass is oriented to orient the lights. there is no shadows because i set it for " no shadows ". well, a beginner is a beginner, i want to try more after this. anyway, please have a cup please.. : D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

photo studio 2

Here is my other rendering. this is a picture of turbine blade. using the same method of rendering below. for now i think i want to stick to this method. the rendering look nice after all. maybe this is what we say arts and engineering blend together to bring a perfect image. anyway, thanks to my workstation, catia developer and previous russian author that share his tutorials. maybe one day, i can render a bigger parts.

any comments? free to view.hehehe...

photo studio

This is my green tee fitting rendering. using one spotlight, a browny studio and a camera. really appreciate to the author with his tutorial with a keetle and i achieved this image.

The view is like a real one and a good finishing of rendering. im a new enthutiast of this rendering and i will learn more about this in the future.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1. From the author

Welcome to my newborn site. and its nearly 2009.yahuu!!, new year huh. i think i want to get this and that for this upcoming new year. and as for this site, i created it after i've read others catia users for their blog. how to use, tips and tricks and all that. hopefully, with this site, i can add one more site about catia V5 in this world.

As for now, i've used Catia V5 R10, R16 and R17. and so many things that i can get with this catia V5. thanks to my core 2 duo workstation, nvidia graphic card and of course a big RAM.they helps me to make a design, kinematics and rendering. i v'e made some rendering with my workstation.