Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CATIA V5 Tips #2 Default User Interface

// Ever face a problem when using others computer to edit your file in an urgent situation? or facing CATIA V5 exam but did not sit in your regular workstation?
// In this years, i have practiced this step to reduce the adrenalin when editing my CAT file when in previous situation.
// And it do works.
// How?
// Do practice using default User Interface so that you will get used to any computer once you convert CATIA V5 to default.
// Again, How?
// Go to Tools >> Customize..
// Just click "Restore all contents" and " Restore Position" and "close" as in the red box below.
// Your User Interface will become default and you are ready to work although you are miles away from your workstation.
// Trust me, I am a specialist.