Thursday, August 29, 2013

Technology Day 2013


CADCAM has come to our faculty and share with us about more and more technology in CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, CNC, RAPID PROTOTYPING and it is a good industrial knowledge.

One of the staff excitingly explain about the use of the software.

Here comes the excitement, CATIA is moving to the cloud! Like IOS isnt it.

These are the brochure about most of the software that were explained in the programme. A few things that i gain are we can do 3D prototyping for almost all material that we need for engineering purposes such as suitable material that can be used for wind tunnel purposes, and few material in a single 3D process and much more. 

For solidworks user, please click your center mouse to see whats hidden in your tools ! And now, it also have more tools to do analysis works and it is more to structural analysis, stress and strain.

And for CATIA users, ready for the cloud, and its all about data sharing in a space.

CNC and manufacturing? I dont have idea about that, sorry. 

Thanks guys.

Hope to write to next update on catia v5.



  1. That's good bro. Currently I'm seeking 3d software for my spare time. What is the best 3d software and also cheap. Pls suggest

    1. and you could try Google sketch, free and easy.

  2. Hello there, can u help me to design a smart bike?

  3. If you ask me, then, it might be solidwork or autocad. But it is good also to learn inventor or any other software that is mostly used by designing company. I guess the license is quit cheaper compared to CATIA by DS. Thry to ask any quotation from our local distributor and maybe you will get the best on what you need.

  4. No problem. Mail me so that we can have a good understanding on your project.