Sunday, November 15, 2009

catia for design

today ive watched this video that have been published in you tube from Dassault Systemes.totally impressed on the presentation, skills that have been shown in the video and most of all the usefullness of catiaV6.

the use of this V6 is totally imazing, with its new interface that surely looks modern and the function made this V6 really powerful. the design for the seat, cars and other design that have been showed looks great.

surely V6 have total differents with the V5 likes V4 that have been replaced by the V5. and now, with V6,designers surely will have more use and function.

are you are V6 user? care for any sharing experience using V6? as for me and my institution, we are still using the V5 as company demanded for V5 user. maybe 3-5 years later, V6 will replace our V5 in every workstation here.

well, the CAD world is really changing fast as for now, all the CAD software change its mission, that it just not go only for the CAD, but also how CAD and GREEN can combine together to make it a green software that will calculate material and resources and which choice is good for the environment when the product is in process and manufacturing.

thats all.


  1. Thanks Anas. Do come back for more catia knowledge sharing from mycatiav5. And do tell others as well about my blog.