Sunday, March 29, 2009

A study lamp

Hello, good evening for those who are currently in Malaysia. I think it is so long i didnt write anything in my blog. uhhh...with the semester will end soon, many students ask many questions about this software either for their composite analysis, reverse engineering for final year project and DMU kinematics for class projects. but i feel so happy, because the students getting knwowledge about this catia software. because this software have many advance capabilities that other software cant do it.

but, during the hard work, i managed to rendered something that is a desk lamp. This sample i get it from the dassault help files. so, i have made some rendering about this one.

Studio set up

For this rendering, i ve used 5 rectangle lamp and a bulp to light up the inner cap. Ive also have set up an environment so that the bottom environment will act as the desk of the lamp. as u can see, the rectangle on the left of the lamp is the camera that i put up as the scene.

Rendering setting

As we can see in the render table, ive set the output image to be at 1600x1200 px. using a high accuracy, with value about 5-6 for reflection and activate the shadow, ive managed to render image below.

The rendered image have its reflection with the lamp base a less reflection on the top of the lamp. although the desk didnt look so real, but the lamp i think is close to real view.


Here is one image that i really satisfied about the rendered image but its use a different material environment. the lamp 100% nice with is reflection from the bottom to the top of the lamp.