Monday, December 6, 2010

Interactive Design Competition partnership by DS


For Student Designers Who Want To Make An Impact

OPEL/VAUXHALL design Challenge with A Lounge in Motion concept. The task is to create a car interior that is also a lounge, in other words a lounge in motion. The car interior should fit the opel/vauxhall brand and accentuate the emotional and rational aspect of the brand.

Its not just about creating a car interior that looks good, but about an ambiance which sometimes requires more than just looks.

Its about Car interior and the most important thing is the partnership is Dassault Systemes.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

learn catia v5


hi all. have associates with mycatiav5.blogspot now. Here, ive found CATIA V5 video tutorial DVD that amazon sell. for me, this is a good option to learn CATIA V5. This method is the best and we can follow the steps in the video tutorial.

so, for those who want to learn catia v5, using different method, so this DVD is the best way.


see you.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sukhoi 27 Flanker 3 Plan view Reverse Engineering

CATIA V5 R19. 2 days work on Reverse Engineering, design on wireframe and surface construction specialization.

I ve downloaded su 27 k diagram below. as usual, we need 3 view of the diagram that is side, front and top or bottom view.

Then, those three view picture is cut out using picture editor such as microsoft photo manager. This software is the best to do simple cut to the picture.

Then, 3 surfaces are created that is on the centre of the axis (0,0,0). Remind that you need to have the length, height and wing span of the aircraft so that you will have the correct size of the aircraft.

Then, using photo studio workbench, use add sticker, (icon with sticking paper), below CATIA screen, and select picture that you need as above. Please be remind that this picture can only be viewed with SHOW MATERIAL shading, below CATIA window.

Above is the side view of the airplane. In this method, ive use 3D curve to sketch the nose, wind screen @ cockpit, fuselage through the engine. Then, ive created points along the 3d curve.

3D spline are used to create the cross section of the fuselage from nose to the engine. Loft method have been used to loft the fuselage from nose until the engine. Before that, take note that i only made the surface of the left side of the airplane. my idea is, to apply symmetry to the create the surface.

This is the front view of the airplane. You can see that the airplane have been made symmetrical and you can see the continuation of the tangency on the connections.

As you can see, the tail have it different angle on the tip of the horizontal tail. Ive made angled plane, and airfoil sketch is created before the loft method is used to create the tail.

Below is the pictures of the finished airplane without any stickers on the airplane. Below is only the surfaces that ive changed the standard yellow colour of the airplane.

Here i show you, the wireframe of the airplane once we selected the wireframe shading. As you can see, the wireframe is used by CATIA to create the surfaces that we developed.

Below is finished su 27k. I am very very satisfied what i ve done in this project. Ive put sticker (same as above method) to the airplane. I also locate Russian Star logo on the wing and the vertical tail. Ive also put stickers on the engine.

Here ive finished my project doing a reverse engineering on Su 27k. This is an interesting project that i ve ever finished before on wireframe and surface design PLUS reverse engineering method.

check my b747 tutorial here and Dassault Rafale from france here. Using the same method as done in this post. happy learning !
any catia job need to be finished? click here

CATIA V5 Specialist

Monday, July 26, 2010

CATIA in Malaysia


today, same as before, i would like to share to you, my fellow readers about catia industry in Malaysia. Why Malaysia? Have you ever heard of this country before? Malaysia is an advanced country that starts from a agriculture economic based and changes little by little onto advanced multi economy country. Im a Malaysian and for me, Malaysia is a country that are really really moving forward in every aspect especially in the economics growth because of our ministry vision towards 2020 year.

This vision has brings many investors from all around the world to Malaysia as they believed the capabilities of Malaysian workers either in the government or private company especially in professional area such as engineers. And some of them involves in manufacturing of airplane parts, mechanical parts, and much more.

Here, i write some of companies in Malaysia that apply CATIA environment in the job. This post should help catia designers to find jobs as these companies are employing engineers and designers that have profiency in catia environment.

Asian Composites Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (ACM) is a Joint Venture (JV) Company based in Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah, Malaysia, owned equally by The Boeing Company and Hexcel Corporation.

The business of the JV is the manufacturer of flat and contoured primary (Aileron Skins, Spoilers & Spars) and secondary (Flat Panels, Leading Edges, Trailing Edges & MISC: Components) structure composite bond assemblies and sub-assemblies for aerospace industries.

(refered to acmsb website)

3) MAWEA IndustriesMAWEA Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1995 to provide Reverse Engineering Services to the manufacturing industries and consultancy service in manufacturing management that focus on production improvements in existing manufacturing activities in various industries. We introduce a portable coordinate Measuring Machine that Integrate with the CAD System for Effective Reverse Engineering.
4) Hirotako Autoliv
6) Perodua
7) Scomi
8) Panasonic
9) Eurocopter Malaysia
10) ADC - Aviation Design Centre
11) SPIRIT AeroSystems

Sunday, July 18, 2010


yes..CATIA V5 is available once you get the latest updates either from the DS or its agent worlwide.

Now, there are many advancement in this release updates that are

  • Native Class A Automotive Surfacing Within V5: ICEM

  • Enhanced STEP Interface : CATIA Extended STEP Interface. Advances in large assembly and include full composite data and FT&A in the standard STEP format.

  • Mechanical Part design Enhancements: Modeling oil pans, gear boxes or motor brackets up to 40 % faster.

update your catia software now and have total engineering fun.

reference: factsheet, V5R20 video

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

creativity in 3D contest

hey catia users,

check this out!!!!

sketch + design & shape + rendering = Win an Apple ipod touch

Sunday, March 28, 2010

CATIA V5R18 Specialist

Assalamualaikum & Good day everybody.
Last friday ive finished my catia specialist certification exam and i managed to pass three exams in a row.Im now a specialist in catia v5. i am so relief that ive passed all the exams ( part design, wireframe and assembly).

to share some experience with you guys, about the exam, ive taken the exam in two days, 2 exams for the first day (PDG, WFS) and a single exam on the other day (ASSM). ive taken the exam in MAWEA company that is located in petaling jaya, malaysia. On that both days, i am the only one that have taken the exam. with a set of objective questions, around 63-75 questions within 75 minutes (for native english users) and 90 minutes (for non native english user), the questionaires will have to be divided around 1~1/5 minutes. and the uniqueness of this exams is, they wont be a turn around or answer review for the previous question that we ve answered. as an example, if we have answer the first question, the select next, there will no previous icon button on the second question. what your answered in the first question is more changes can be made. so it goes on to the next question until uniqe ha.and what happened to the last question? after you have click on finish, the computer automatically calculate your answer and give you the total that you get. ( its like the time stop ticking ). if your total is over their score, so you ve pass the test. but, if total is below their score, it means that you failed the test and there goes our exam fees..

how is the questions? is it difficult?
for me the questionaires is totally challenging.we have to know every icon in every workbench, what it does and doesnt, and also we have to understand about the option that is inside the icon window. so, we have to understands about the function of every icon and what it can do. for me, in my 2 years experience, ive memorized almost all of the icon and getting used to it. so as for the questionaires, they will ask to the little2 things about the icons.

the exam area? room?
during my exm or any exam, there will be a person to secure you. we cannot bring anything accept our identification card and no else. no laptops, handphones and etc. they will give an erasable paper board and a marker so that we can write any notes. this means, no A4 paper also included.

what you gonna get?
i am waiting for my certificate from DS and mawea company said, that DS will sent the certificate in two or three months. for me, its ok. ive waited and studied this software for a long time, and 2-3 months is still accepted. i will include any picture about what ive got on the next posting.

lastly, thanks to my boss for supporting me to take this exam and, together with this certificate, i will make my best to teach students from our university and other universities about this software.


12:09 am, 29032010, penang, malaysia

Updated on 25/3/2016 as below

As for the sample, you can refer here, from the DASSAULT SYSTEMES themself 





Good luck ! And don't get easily upset with the questions !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

F1 1 Malaysia | CATIA V5

Good evening to all,

how are you doing with your life out there? busy with all your design, or finding solution for method of CATIA in your design req?

last month, ive watched Majalah Tiga, a malaysian documentary television show and it did attract me with its 30 min documentary about Malaysia dream building a Formula One race car and enter the Formula 1 race. what i am really interested is about, this car is made from scratch and many engineers is contributing in their skills including design.

they use CATIA V5 to design the car.i am really amaze to see it live, (although the tv crew have record it) on how they use CATIA to design all the parts from a small parts to a race car product..

the car have so many complicated surfaces and i bet, the guy out there that are joining and contributing in the team should have really high experience in using CAD CATIA software. and, what i like the most is, the team them self contributing in designing the car.sitting in a same room, share the same network (surely using a network collaboration) waaa..its the best job..having such a contributing team.

with now based in london, they produce the design, produce the model of the car and test it in aerodynamic lab.using fluent and other CFD software is the most crucial way to build a high velocity racing car.surely they have the complete package.

and, maybe in some years,the technology and experts will changed to malaysian staff after our malaysian hav qualified to be in the team either in design team or maintenance team.
i hope someday, when i have the valuable experience in various workbenches, i can join this team in their cad design area and be a leader of the design team. if its is not in full time position, part time would do. to mr tony fernandes, if you read this, please consider me to be in the part of the F1 1malaysia team !! i would do my best...

credit to, for images