Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rendering of a new design chair using CATIA V5

Salam all,

For today i would like to share some of my rendering with CATIA V5, by using quick photo studio that usually at Part Design Workbench and Assembly Design workbench R19.

Yesterday when i clean up my desktop, with mess, i found a folder that are these renderings. These renderings is for 3d perspectives competition last year. This chair is design with imagine & shape. I am not really good with this workbench, and i tried to use this workbench. and here are some images that i get from the renderings process.

Stylish chairs leg

Overall image of stylish chair

As you can see there are Dassault Logo there. Credit to Dassault Systemes

Imagine & Shape workbench

Backview of designed chair

Combining drafting with the chair images

Credit again to DS