Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rendering with V5R19

Good evening everyone...
Today, my workstation and other 30 workstations have been updated to CATIA v5R19 (student version). Previously we are using CATIA V5R16 and R17 (student version). I thought the supplier company will bring us the V6, but they gave us this R19 instead. thanks to their application engineer and our CAE lab staff group, that have installed this software and just take half day to complete the installation for 30 workstation. and this evening, ive explore some extra function in R19. well, there are so many extra icon in the R19, and i think you can refer to this link And what ive done with the R19, i ve explore the render icon that they provide. this render (and maybe i called it light render) will render the part effectively. It will provide nice background that it have installed in the library, and also, the lighting have been set up for you so that the environment lighting will suit with the rendered object.

ofcourse the material of the part have to be added first. and when we turn on the render option, it will automatically display the background and we can adjust the object so that it will sit perfectly with the enviroment.the just snap on the camera icon, the object will be rendered.

below are some pictures that i ve made with the render image from CATIA V5R19

the image refraction from the glass is good with its soft shadow lay up nicely on the table. maybe this option is good when we want to do a simple rendering but still good rendering. And i think, CATIA V5 has absorb some of solidworks function that enables light rendering.