Other CATIA V5 website/ blog links

www.3ds.com - The head of CATIA V5

catiaplus.blog.com -  A friend of mine in CATIA networking. Nice video tutorial download available

http://catiarender.blogspot.com/  -  The very best for CATIA rendering tutorial and i do learn a lot from here.

http://catiatutorial.blogspot.com/ - A good step by step blog tutorial.

http://www.ccard.co.uk/dl/dl_catuto.htm - From basic to hard. You can find it here.

www.draftermal.net - For Malaysian drafter

* http://www.3dcadforums.com/www.3dcadforums.com/html/catia-forum/ - An active but new forum


  1. Assalam o Alaikum,

    I came across your page from the Catia community, i am an aerospace engineer too. I am working in aerospace manufacturing, so i have been using CATIA for more than five years. I need to know more about assembly workbench, do you have written tutorials with parts files ?

    1. Waalaikumsalam,

      Dear Muhammad Imran,

      Alhamdulillah to have you post in my comments section. Thanks.
      Unfortunately i dont have any tutorial yet about the assembly workbench for now. As you understand CATIA covers a lot on its capabilities described in workbenches and for now i am focusing through the Wireframe and Surface Design that is the most difficult for others to do it. InsyaALLAH in the future i will blog about the assembly workbenches and post it in my blog. Anyway, you also can refer to other blog as i mentioned in above links or you can search in youtube for more tutorials about this.

      Thanks for you comments. Dont forget to revisit our blog for more info about catia v5 in the future.


  2. assalamu alikum . i want to make a garbag carring tricycle. now i am struck with its design.can anybody help me out

  3. I BRAHMI Larbi Tunisia
    I want to realize the V5 PartDesign certification and Assembly Design and Surface Desing Associate
    I need training materials it is urgent please

  4. http://mycatiav5.blogspot.my/2010/03/catia-v5r18-specialist.html

    follow the thread and comments, i have inserted the links.thanks!

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