Monday, September 21, 2015

Boeing AH-64 Apache with Catia V5

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Helicopter is an air transport that have a main rotor blade to create lift, and a tail rotor to counter its torque. A helicopter is also an air transport that only need a space of its size to take-off as its capability of Vertical Take Off. With this capability, its have its advantage comparing to fixed wing that need space for its runway.

But in other context, designing a helicopter in a software is quit challenging. Its need passion to complete the helicopter from its cockpit to the tail. And, today i have found this video link in the youtube created by Alberto Cerrudo with his Boeing AH-64 Apache.

I have seen quit a lot of fized wing airplane reverse engineering a fixed wing, as i also done it with my Boeing, but this is very different. To reverse engineering a helicopter in a software/ catia is a good effort and differs from other. And yes, to own a helicopter, you will need a very big amount of cash, but in term of designing and have it in your computer, and designing on your own is quit a satisfying experiences.

Congrats to the Alberto for his effort on designing Boeing AH-64 Apache.