Sunday, December 30, 2012


We are almost reaching the end of 2012, just a little hours more for us to step in 2013. I hope you have got the wish list for 2012 fulfilled and get ready for the new wishlist for 2013. Anyway, we are most proud of our views result for this year 2012 as it have increased starting the end of the years and reached to 79, 082 page views into this CATIA V5 blog. We are very grateful to have this big number in our viewers statistics and certainly we will put in our wish list for 2013 to increase more information and knowledge about CATIA V5.

Dont forget to reply us in our email to have what are you looking for in CATIA V5. Oh yes, last time we did receive a mail from our viewers (subject: RV6) requesting for the needs of collecting points for an airfoil to create a list of data. still thinking on the way to do that. By the way, i knew there is a way to insert hundreds of points from excel to CATIA, and i am sure there is a way too to convert the points from catia to excel. I have read it, but didnt try it yet, most of them needs the programming, and not to worry, our friends from other country have shared the programming code. InsyaALLAH, will try to share the thing once i have finished try those things.

Good luck guys for your next episode of 2013 and hope all goes well for everyone.