Tuesday, March 30, 2010

creativity in 3D contest

hey catia users,

check this out!!!!

sketch + design & shape + rendering = Win an Apple ipod touch

Sunday, March 28, 2010

CATIA V5R18 Specialist

Assalamualaikum & Good day everybody.
Last friday ive finished my catia specialist certification exam and i managed to pass three exams in a row.Im now a specialist in catia v5. i am so relief that ive passed all the exams ( part design, wireframe and assembly).

to share some experience with you guys, about the exam, ive taken the exam in two days, 2 exams for the first day (PDG, WFS) and a single exam on the other day (ASSM). ive taken the exam in MAWEA company that is located in petaling jaya, malaysia. On that both days, i am the only one that have taken the exam. with a set of objective questions, around 63-75 questions within 75 minutes (for native english users) and 90 minutes (for non native english user), the questionaires will have to be divided around 1~1/5 minutes. and the uniqueness of this exams is, they wont be a turn around or answer review for the previous question that we ve answered. as an example, if we have answer the first question, the select next, there will no previous icon button on the second question. what your answered in the first question is final.no more changes can be made. so it goes on to the next question until last.waaa...so uniqe ha.and what happened to the last question? after you have click on finish, the computer automatically calculate your answer and give you the total that you get. ( its like the time stop ticking ). if your total is over their score, so you ve pass the test. but, if total is below their score, it means that you failed the test and there goes our exam fees..

how is the questions? is it difficult?
for me the questionaires is totally challenging.we have to know every icon in every workbench, what it does and doesnt, and also we have to understand about the option that is inside the icon window. so, we have to understands about the function of every icon and what it can do. for me, in my 2 years experience, ive memorized almost all of the icon and getting used to it. so as for the questionaires, they will ask to the little2 things about the icons.

the exam area? room?
during my exm or any exam, there will be a person to secure you. we cannot bring anything accept our identification card and no else. no laptops, handphones and etc. they will give an erasable paper board and a marker so that we can write any notes. this means, no A4 paper also included.

what you gonna get?
i am waiting for my certificate from DS and mawea company said, that DS will sent the certificate in two or three months. for me, its ok. ive waited and studied this software for a long time, and 2-3 months is still accepted. i will include any picture about what ive got on the next posting.

lastly, thanks to my boss for supporting me to take this exam and, together with this certificate, i will make my best to teach students from our university and other universities about this software.


12:09 am, 29032010, penang, malaysia

Updated on 25/3/2016 as below

As for the sample, you can refer here, from the DASSAULT SYSTEMES themself 





Good luck ! And don't get easily upset with the questions !