Saturday, January 9, 2010

F1 1 Malaysia | CATIA V5

Good evening to all,

how are you doing with your life out there? busy with all your design, or finding solution for method of CATIA in your design req?

last month, ive watched Majalah Tiga, a malaysian documentary television show and it did attract me with its 30 min documentary about Malaysia dream building a Formula One race car and enter the Formula 1 race. what i am really interested is about, this car is made from scratch and many engineers is contributing in their skills including design.

they use CATIA V5 to design the car.i am really amaze to see it live, (although the tv crew have record it) on how they use CATIA to design all the parts from a small parts to a race car product..

the car have so many complicated surfaces and i bet, the guy out there that are joining and contributing in the team should have really high experience in using CAD CATIA software. and, what i like the most is, the team them self contributing in designing the car.sitting in a same room, share the same network (surely using a network collaboration) waaa..its the best job..having such a contributing team.

with now based in london, they produce the design, produce the model of the car and test it in aerodynamic lab.using fluent and other CFD software is the most crucial way to build a high velocity racing car.surely they have the complete package.

and, maybe in some years,the technology and experts will changed to malaysian staff after our malaysian hav qualified to be in the team either in design team or maintenance team.
i hope someday, when i have the valuable experience in various workbenches, i can join this team in their cad design area and be a leader of the design team. if its is not in full time position, part time would do. to mr tony fernandes, if you read this, please consider me to be in the part of the F1 1malaysia team !! i would do my best...

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