Wednesday, December 17, 2008

photo studio

This is my green tee fitting rendering. using one spotlight, a browny studio and a camera. really appreciate to the author with his tutorial with a keetle and i achieved this image.

The view is like a real one and a good finishing of rendering. im a new enthutiast of this rendering and i will learn more about this in the future.


  1. No wonder all models look familiar to me. When check the name, it was you.

    Nice try, can't wait to see more interesting stuffs at here.

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  3. Catia is rock! I never managed an effeky to achieve like you ;-((. Can you tell me, what setting do you set In Photo Studio module?


  4. hi RN. do you still need the setting? actually i follow one tutorial that have been made by some guy out there, and i think from china. he rendered a tea pot and a cup, if im not mistaken.

    the blog is really impressive. ive learn a lot from there. do take a look ya!

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