Sunday, July 18, 2010


yes..CATIA V5 is available once you get the latest updates either from the DS or its agent worlwide.

Now, there are many advancement in this release updates that are

  • Native Class A Automotive Surfacing Within V5: ICEM

  • Enhanced STEP Interface : CATIA Extended STEP Interface. Advances in large assembly and include full composite data and FT&A in the standard STEP format.

  • Mechanical Part design Enhancements: Modeling oil pans, gear boxes or motor brackets up to 40 % faster.

update your catia software now and have total engineering fun.

reference: factsheet, V5R20 video


  1. Salaam Zihad

    Your blog is pretty impressive. I am also a very interested person in CATIA. Lately I started getting into CATIA V6 and I find it very appealing and cant avoid appreciating it. I would like you to look into my blog too...

    Faisal Ashraf

  2. recently ive visited your blog.quit impressive job that you have done in your blog. are you currently working as catia designer? in what field?

  3. hello.
    Im using the R20 verison now. but somehow, i can not find the render toolbar. I used to create awesome renders of my 3d creations and now in R20 i canot find the toolbar not even in the view, toolbars list.
    was the render option relocated or renamed?
    i'd appreciate if you can guide me through this little problem thanks . feel free to write to thanks

  4. do reset your workbench

    tools - option - customize - icon tab - reset icon - reset position

    if the icon still not shown, go to the bottom right of the screen, and you can see two arrow head (means there are hidden icon), select and drag it into the workbench. you will find your render icon there.

  5. Hi,
    Can you help me out.. ??

    I am Sameer from Mumbai,
    We are using Catia V5R20 64 bit with Windows 7 64bit entp. + 1 GB nvidia Display card,4 GB DDR3 Ram, i7 Processor.

    Using above configuration PC our Catia Stucks in between modifying any part ( Small or Big )in size.

    Canyou help me to resolve this Issue.

  6. please check your graphic card series, i think it is not compatible with catia v5.

    for your info, we also faces same problems here. our catia v5 usually stuck after a few minutes we run it, and the screen turn out blue. we manage to find the problem that is our graphic card is not compatible with catia although our pc performance are perfect- ram 4g

    hope this helps

  7. Dear Zihad Mahmud,

    Thank you for you reply.Can you please specify Display card details so i Upgrade it to my PC
    Currently We are using Nvidia GT9500 with 1 GB DDR Video Ram.

  8. for more than 2 years now, i have used NVIDIA QUADRO FX 1500. Its work fine, never crash or stuck. didnt sure what is the RAM. you can check it in the internet.

    hope this helps. before you upgrade, please check across the internet, the compatibility of this graphic card with your workstation (motherboard and etc.)

    please refer to my blog, newest post for list of certified workstation and hardware for CATIA V5 & V6

    July 14, 2011 6:19 PM