Friday, November 7, 2014

Our reader: Krishna passed the Specialist Exam for CATIA


Congratulations to Our blog reader, Krishna as he passed his CATIA Specialist Exam last week. Hopefully there will be many more from us, CATIA user, that will sit and pass this exam in the future.

Anyway, here is his comments on one of my post.

Again, congrats and thanks for your credit to me :)


Hi Guys day before yesterday i have done the Catia Surface Design specialist (R18) exam and I am passed the exam . Firstly , i would like to pass my thanks to Mr . Zihad mahmud and for his exam experience really helped me to crack down the exam in 20 Days time .

For me it was difficult to find the right material earlier to prepare for the exam . I have given a lot research on material , finally god helped me through CATIA Online Documentation of R18 and installed CATIA V5 R18 .

You are right , the questions are tricky but not tough . From my experience while picking the answers , one should not pick in the first instance instead should go for an extra thought . Because it appears for each question more than one answers would be the obvious choices .

I have faced a variety of questions . Covered all topics in the DS syllabus .
The only material which i have prepared is CATIA online documentation and CATIA on my PC .

Actually , one should need to understand the real mechanism and characteristics of ICONS and applications .

Overall , i am satisfied with my exam experience and result . I do not have practical work experience on CATIA but i have made it possible .