Wednesday, February 23, 2011

B747 400 Reverse Engineering Tutorial with CATIA V5


As i ve promised, here i show to all of you, tutorial on how reverse engineering with catia v5 for Boeing 747 400 commercial airplane. This method of reverse engineering only requires 3 view plane (top, side, front) as a datum reference to do the 3D modelling.

This method is not to accurate with only 80% accuracy and it has lost high accuracy on the detail area. But, a higher accuracy can be obtained by acquiring image that are in high detail such as detailed drawing plan.

This method requires user to use different workbench in CATIA v5 that are Wireframe and Surface Design, Photo Studio and Assembly workbench. I have done this tutorial using this three workbenches.

You can surf to these videos step by step, but unfortunately, some of the video cant be played in the youtube because of its objection on the video that are more than 15 minutes. so these video cant be viewed for now. InsyaALLAH, when i have time, i will split it to make it less than 15 minutes.

Click here for the images link. thanks to the website for the images.


  1. Hi, this is really a great job!

    I've got one question: In the 7th vid, at 00:20, you define a intersection between a curve and a plan, and try to define a spline with the to points obtained. Then, you get a message error, saying that you try to proceed a non manifold operation. I didn't cath the way you solve this problem. The only I found to solve that, is to use the extraction tool.

    Thanks :)

  2. dear seb,

    for this step, actually i still use the spline icon. but for the first step, ive already selected some of the points there, so it will not work.

    and after that, you will see a click with my mouse (out of the drawing), so that it will deselect all the points that ive accidentally selected.

    then, use the spline icon again to redo the step.

    i am not using the extraction tool to create the spline. i used the extraction tool only to get the required point that will positioned on the outer line of the fuselage so that i can do lofting surface easily as the points will positioned on the lines (guide)

    email me : @

  3. can u email me this guidelines.

  4. videos above are the guidelines. no else.


  5. I have a samll doubt ..... i use catia v5 r20.... when i pan in assembly the axis gets twisted as i pan...they dont remain constant... like when u pan the axis remains constant.... but for me when i pan the axis gets twisted as in pan....hence its tough for me to use do i turn it off

  6. try use your middle mouse button or change the setting of your mouse instead. Sometimes, it do happens when the mouse is too fast that is usually used by a fast clicker person.

  7. Hi, when I click on Photo Studio, I don't get the dialog box containing assembly design,sketcher and others. Instead I get an empty dialog box. Could you please tell me what could be the possible reason? Thank you.

  8. Hi! Can anyone pls help me? When I click on Photo Studio, I get an empty dialog box. How do I get assembly design, sketcher and others in the dialog box? Can you please tell me what could be the possible reason? Thank you.

  9. Hi Tashi,

    If im not mistaken, you need to insert your catia file in an assembly workbench first, and then, go to photo studio. I hope this will solve your problem.

    1. Thank you Zihad for sharing your knowledge and donating your time for these tutorials. They were really helpful. thumbs up!

    2. Thanks for the compliment.
      I hope many more will gain knowledge with this great software.