Thursday, April 21, 2011

CATIA Play & Win

hey friends,

its been a while i did not visit my blog. thanks for those visitors who visit my tiny blog either for surfing or learning on using catia. right now, i have some commitment that is not related with catia. a commitment of leading an assembly CH750 Experimental Aircraft Kit, doing some research on 2 axis camera stabilized by using arduino programming, fluent, wind tunnel and nastran patran. plus, an interesting hobby that is piloting RC airplane, that is an electric cessna 4 channel that i bought it from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

So for now, i am quit busy with some other things and might be late on reply your questions and comments. i hope you can write in your comments here and as well write to my email: i will reply your questions as soon as possible.

as for today, i want to attract your attention to below advertisement.

this quiz are from DS and is only shown at Facebook. if you have your facebook account, do not forget to find this quiz as its promise to give presents that is

1st level : 1 month free e-learning
2nd level : 2 months free e -learning
3rd level : vouchers for certification

ive won my self 2 months free e-learning and will receive the code a week after the contest closed. so, what are you waiting for, log on to your facebook and find DS and this quiz. this quiz ends on 1st may. you can try as many tries as you want as the DS have changed the rules, before this only 3 attempts.

what are you waiting for? log on to your facebook now!!

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