Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rendering of a new design chair using CATIA V5

Salam all,

For today i would like to share some of my rendering with CATIA V5, by using quick photo studio that usually at Part Design Workbench and Assembly Design workbench R19.

Yesterday when i clean up my desktop, with mess, i found a folder that are these renderings. These renderings is for 3d perspectives competition last year. This chair is design with imagine & shape. I am not really good with this workbench, and i tried to use this workbench. and here are some images that i get from the renderings process.

Stylish chairs leg

Overall image of stylish chair

As you can see there are Dassault Logo there. Credit to Dassault Systemes

Imagine & Shape workbench

Backview of designed chair

Combining drafting with the chair images

Credit again to DS


  1. thanks for sharing.
    Are you willing to come to Terengganu for some knowledge sharing? Paid for, insyaAllah.

  2. hi asimi,

    sorry for the late reply..insyaALLAH for the knowledge sharing..PM me if its still available. zihad03@yahoo.com


  3. hi mi name is cristian i wanna be how i can how to make the drafting whit rendering, how in your image Combining drafting with the chair images..thanks catfcatf@gmail.com