Thursday, November 12, 2009

cant open assembly files?

Question: After few days creates CATProduct & CATPart then save the file. One day I tried to open the CATProduct in the same PC, this error came out "Problem reading document. Load operation failed". So I can't open any files from the same CATProduct.This problem happen several times. I hope people out there can give me some advice regarding this problem.Thank you in advance.

here is the solution.

as we know, product assembly consist of different parts link together in a file. so, when we want to save the assembly file, we have to use save that give us an option to save the link.this is very important so that the assembly file that we have just saved before can link back to the parts.

what you have to do is:
1. Make an assembly product that you want
2. after you have finish it, please select save management.( this will list out files that are currently opened by your catia v5 either they are link or not with the assembly files)
3. Select appropriate assembly files in the list and click SAVE AS.. ( it is better if you create a folder that named your assembly)
4. then, select propogate directory, so that all the parts that linked to the assembly files is propagated such that your parts files will be save in the same previous folder) *( it is different if you copy and paste the files manually into the folder because it will not keep the links)
5. then select ok.
6. a progress bar will take 2-5 second depends to your size of assembly.
7. finish. your assembly files is saved.
8. try reopen your assembly file. insyaALLAH ok.

zihad malaysia


  1. This is a very common problem. We have a tool to list the dependencies of CATIA files at It is very useful to list dependencies specially if the CATProduct was sent to you and a file is missing.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I can't save or open
    my file in catia v5.please help me.

    1. It might be the license of the software have expired.