Monday, September 26, 2011

Hawk T.1 Reverse Engineering with CATIA V5


For this month, i am doing some reverse engineering to the one of a famous aircraft that are widely used all around the globe either for acrobatics and military application that is Hawk T.1. I am really admire about this hawk and the famous red arrow manouver these kind of aircrafts. but it is half completed, and will finish soon, hopefully..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Part Structural Analysis and Assembly Structural Analysis


How are you for today everyone? sticking on the workstation while surfing internets and searching for something to learn for today?

Here i ve found in the, some great great great video about analysis structure with CATIA V5 that have been made by our catia friend (while he is listening his mp3). these video is about part anlaysis and assembly analysis. for those who are in the middle of the road, either to learn or not to learn structural analysis ini catia v5, here is some demo that maybe you guys can have a look at it on.

credits to the man behind the tutorial. this is such an effort.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hi guys,

Great to have you guys here, reading my small blog about catia v5. what do you think about my blog? please write your comments and i do appreciate that !.

Here i want to show you CATIA fan page have officially announce it rendering contest. ipad 2 is waiting to anyone that wins most vote for their rendering picture.

anyway, hope, all can vote for me. really need an ipad 2 so much for this festive season. click here (

thanks friend. dont forget to leave your vote there!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rendering of a new design chair using CATIA V5

Salam all,

For today i would like to share some of my rendering with CATIA V5, by using quick photo studio that usually at Part Design Workbench and Assembly Design workbench R19.

Yesterday when i clean up my desktop, with mess, i found a folder that are these renderings. These renderings is for 3d perspectives competition last year. This chair is design with imagine & shape. I am not really good with this workbench, and i tried to use this workbench. and here are some images that i get from the renderings process.

Stylish chairs leg

Overall image of stylish chair

As you can see there are Dassault Logo there. Credit to Dassault Systemes

Imagine & Shape workbench

Backview of designed chair

Combining drafting with the chair images

Credit again to DS

Thursday, April 21, 2011

CATIA Play & Win

hey friends,

its been a while i did not visit my blog. thanks for those visitors who visit my tiny blog either for surfing or learning on using catia. right now, i have some commitment that is not related with catia. a commitment of leading an assembly CH750 Experimental Aircraft Kit, doing some research on 2 axis camera stabilized by using arduino programming, fluent, wind tunnel and nastran patran. plus, an interesting hobby that is piloting RC airplane, that is an electric cessna 4 channel that i bought it from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

So for now, i am quit busy with some other things and might be late on reply your questions and comments. i hope you can write in your comments here and as well write to my email: i will reply your questions as soon as possible.

as for today, i want to attract your attention to below advertisement.

this quiz are from DS and is only shown at Facebook. if you have your facebook account, do not forget to find this quiz as its promise to give presents that is

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ive won my self 2 months free e-learning and will receive the code a week after the contest closed. so, what are you waiting for, log on to your facebook and find DS and this quiz. this quiz ends on 1st may. you can try as many tries as you want as the DS have changed the rules, before this only 3 attempts.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

B747 400 Reverse Engineering Tutorial with CATIA V5


As i ve promised, here i show to all of you, tutorial on how reverse engineering with catia v5 for Boeing 747 400 commercial airplane. This method of reverse engineering only requires 3 view plane (top, side, front) as a datum reference to do the 3D modelling.

This method is not to accurate with only 80% accuracy and it has lost high accuracy on the detail area. But, a higher accuracy can be obtained by acquiring image that are in high detail such as detailed drawing plan.

This method requires user to use different workbench in CATIA v5 that are Wireframe and Surface Design, Photo Studio and Assembly workbench. I have done this tutorial using this three workbenches.

You can surf to these videos step by step, but unfortunately, some of the video cant be played in the youtube because of its objection on the video that are more than 15 minutes. so these video cant be viewed for now. InsyaALLAH, when i have time, i will split it to make it less than 15 minutes.

Click here for the images link. thanks to the website for the images.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

B747 400 Malaysia Airlines System Teaser

Boeing 747 400

Teaser for B747 400 in my Workstation

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day to all catia users around the world. HOw's your life recently? tonnes of work with your CATIA workstation everyday? 
For this post, i would like to show to you my new finished project on Reverse Engineering with CATIA V5 by using 3 view plane method on B747 400. This method is same as my previous post on Su 27 reverse engineering. As before, Su is for military purposes but this B747 400 is for civil used to trasport passengers.

i am really admire on this popular airplane, and as we know it, almost all Airliners have this type of airplane in their inventory. with its 4 turbine engine located on both of its wing made it a beautiful airplane that can travel fast and far distance.

I have also put the paint scheme of my famous airline in my country that is Malaysia Airlines System (MAS). I am sure you ever heard of this airline in your country stands with other airlines company. MAS have been established since i was child and the paint scheme reminds me about its early steps to become the most famous and prestige airline.


I ve done this B747 400 reverse engineering by using wireframe and surface design and part design for solid modelling. and also a bit of photo studio to place the stickers and simple rendering. in the future, i will upload other constructing picture of this airplane so that everybody can learn, share and try new things with CATIA V5.

I didnt put the windows and doors yet for now. maybe in some times, i will place the windows and doors.

ok. see you in next post on construction process of this B747 400 airplane.

* credit to MAS for the logo and its words.