Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dassault Aviation Rafale 3 Plan View Reverse Engineering

Assalamualaikum and good morning to all,

Last march 2013, i have went to LIMA 2013 at Langkawi and watch all fighter aircraft on the tarmac ready for air display. And one of them is Rafale from the Dassault Aviation. This aircraft make it full appearance through the whole week by flying around the airstrip fast and agile than other aircraft. Therefore, it have make me to re engineered the design on the 3 plan view to my workstation. Therefore i show you most of the steps similar to previous sukhoi 30 in my blog.

Starts from a 3 plan view of the rafale with the real dimensions. Create planes all over the fuselage and draw the frame of the fuselage.

Then with multi section surface, create the surface of the fuselage.

Then create the rudder, air intake, wings, and the canards.

Ready to do symmetry process to complete the aircraft.

And now it is completed.

Changing the colour scheme to looks more like the army version.

Thats all. This are the 3 view plan that i referred from the internet as in the references below. It takes me 8 hours to complete this design project. I hope you guys can get the most out of it. mail me for any questions or put your comments below.

wassalam and have a nice day.


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