Monday, March 18, 2013

Using Design Table in CATIA V5

Assalamualaikum wbt and good morning everyone,

As CATIA V5 class have started here in USM, there are few questions that are been asked from the students to my colleague and me regarding this software and as for yesterday, the students learn on how to associate parameters in CATIA model with their table in excel using table association in CATIA V5.

There are few problems that are usually accidentally made by beginners and here i describe what are the problems that usually been made, and mostly are made in yesterday class.

1. Why is my design table in excel cant associate with my CATIA V5 parameters?

Simptoms: When i activate the design table icon on the bottom of my CATIA V5 screen, there is no options to associate the parameters and the table as the windows are blanked. And I am sure that i have made the table according to the tutorial.


1. Check your excel file, and make sure you start with the first line of the excel, and not at the seventh line or any other line. must start it in the first line.

2. I have made my design table but it is not shown in the history tree.


1. Go to tools > options > infrastructure > part infrastructure > and highlight infrastructure and relations option.

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