Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Class have started

Assalamualaikum to all muslims and good morning for non muslim friends,

In today post, no tutorial posted, but here i attached pictures for the students that are learning CATIA V5 in our class. So as for today, they have started to learn part design and sketcher. These pictures are captured in our Computer Aided Design Room that is located at USM School of Mechanical/ Aerospace Engineering.

Many questions asked from them usually about common mistakes that are usually made by beginners such as:

1. Why is the modelled get dimmed and the history tree is zomming in and out when i use the zoom in and out icon? ---  That is when you accidentally activated the history tree and deactivated the model. 

Solution: Click the white line on the history tree and the model will be reactivated.

2. Why is my sketch is not in green as my friend does? --- The profile sketched is not fully contrained.

Solution: A fully constrained profile means that, all the constraint needed for the geometry and the position of the geometry also need to be constrained. As an example, draw a rectangular, constraint the width and height, then constraint one point of the rectangular with the center of the sketch (0,0).

3. Why is my sketch cannot be pad or pocket and an error window appears? --- Read the windows warning and it will explain to you that the profile have a problem, ambiguity.

Solution: Return back to the previous sketch, then select an icon shown as a ' traffic light'. Then click on the sketch analysis, icon with a magnifying glass. Go to the geometry tab and make sure there is only a closed profile, either one or more, depends on your situation. And delete or change it to a construction line for any profile that are not needed and marked as isolated and etc. Click OK. and exit the sketcher. Again, repeat the pad/ pocket operation, if the problem happens again, repeat previous operation.

4. Why is my friend have the product on his tree while i didnt have one? --- Yours are correct and your friend is not.

Solution: To model a part, you need start with a part, in a history tree. It isn't wrong if you have such as your friend, but, a product in a history tree is for assembly design that you will learn in the future.

Thats all for today's class, we will meet again next week, every monday and tuesday evening, 3-5pm, and 2-4 pm respectively.


p/s: Dont worry to make mistakes with CATIA V5 as there is an undo button on the bottom of the windows. 

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