Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sukhoi 27 Flanker 3 Plan view Reverse Engineering

CATIA V5 R19. 2 days work on Reverse Engineering, design on wireframe and surface construction specialization.

I ve downloaded su 27 k diagram below. as usual, we need 3 view of the diagram that is side, front and top or bottom view.

Then, those three view picture is cut out using picture editor such as microsoft photo manager. This software is the best to do simple cut to the picture.

Then, 3 surfaces are created that is on the centre of the axis (0,0,0). Remind that you need to have the length, height and wing span of the aircraft so that you will have the correct size of the aircraft.

Then, using photo studio workbench, use add sticker, (icon with sticking paper), below CATIA screen, and select picture that you need as above. Please be remind that this picture can only be viewed with SHOW MATERIAL shading, below CATIA window.

Above is the side view of the airplane. In this method, ive use 3D curve to sketch the nose, wind screen @ cockpit, fuselage through the engine. Then, ive created points along the 3d curve.

3D spline are used to create the cross section of the fuselage from nose to the engine. Loft method have been used to loft the fuselage from nose until the engine. Before that, take note that i only made the surface of the left side of the airplane. my idea is, to apply symmetry to the create the surface.

This is the front view of the airplane. You can see that the airplane have been made symmetrical and you can see the continuation of the tangency on the connections.

As you can see, the tail have it different angle on the tip of the horizontal tail. Ive made angled plane, and airfoil sketch is created before the loft method is used to create the tail.

Below is the pictures of the finished airplane without any stickers on the airplane. Below is only the surfaces that ive changed the standard yellow colour of the airplane.

Here i show you, the wireframe of the airplane once we selected the wireframe shading. As you can see, the wireframe is used by CATIA to create the surfaces that we developed.

Below is finished su 27k. I am very very satisfied what i ve done in this project. Ive put sticker (same as above method) to the airplane. I also locate Russian Star logo on the wing and the vertical tail. Ive also put stickers on the engine.

Here ive finished my project doing a reverse engineering on Su 27k. This is an interesting project that i ve ever finished before on wireframe and surface design PLUS reverse engineering method.

check my b747 tutorial here and Dassault Rafale from france here. Using the same method as done in this post. happy learning !
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  1. Salam. my name is Izzuddin from Malaysia, currently a final yr student in mechanical engineering. found this blog recently, quite beautiful work here.
    regarding this designing aircraft in catia, can i ask you how do you cut out the shape of ailerons, and set them at different deflection angles? i have a half-body drawing of a plane, and would like to set the ailerons at an angle. im using catia v5r16. any advice would be much appreciated. thank you

  2. salam.
    Izzudin, if you mean that you want to model an aileron and can deflect it with different angles, my advice is you must create the model in assembly.

    That is

    + new part file
    + new part file
    + ...

    Your 3d modeling should be develop in the new part file under assembly tree.

    with this method, you can assemble the aileron with the horizontal tail with desired angles (as aileron should be giving different angle attack)

  3. Hi, you did a wonderful work with the SU-27k!
    I'm currently in an french engineer school and i'd like to know if it is possible to obtain your file cointaining the SU-27k? I need to make an aerodynamic study on a plane and i'd like to have a model like yours on CATIA.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. hi,nice one ....if u could give a step by step procedure it would be a great help..i have inserted the photos but not able to generate the surface...pls help.

  5. i love su 27 but i dont know how to use catia..

  6. fariz, use software that you can work for the most to build your own SU. or, the best way is, you can build the SU model from foam. find the plans and build it.

  7. Can anybody point me ion the right direction of finding any useful tutorials or stept by step guydes aout how to render files made in catia v5 (r16) ???
    tnx very much
    The plane looks awesome!

  8. refer to a simple blog that show you on step by step rendering technique with catia v5

  9. hey i am facing some difficulty so can i ask u some commands and can u add me?

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  11. salam, now i'm working on my aircraft design under my final year project.can u help me with the tutorial for this? my email

  12. sir can i know the step by step procedure for this because m trying to work this one out for my mail id thank you

  13. hi pradeep.
    thanks for your visit. i have no step by step procedure on thi su 27 remodelling. but, you still can follow my step by step tutorial that i work out with b747. although its a different aircraft, but still, using the same method.

  14. this is the link for the step by step in catia v5 for b747 400

  15. could i get this model for my project on bird strike analysis

  16. my email is

  17. Thanks for the comment. Email sent.


  18. salam
    could i get this model for my project on bird strike analysis
    my email is

  19. SALAM
    could i get this model for my project on bird strike analysis
    My email is

  20. Assalam o Alaikum Zihad,
    I have never seen such a method being put to use. Can i have step by instructions please.

  21. Waalaikumsalam,

    Dear Muhammad Imran,

    During my blog on doing this project, i didnt record it, therefore i got no video tutorial to share.

    But you can refer to this post ( The steps is the same only the aircraft is different. Watch and finish the video first then you will understand the process. Best to be watch in youtube ! And dont forget to share this to any friends that are interested on this.


  22. Dear sir,

    I got a work to do Complete fuselage and empennage design using catia v5, if u send me cat parts ill be very thankful to you and ill practice by expanding that, and my mail id is


  23. Dear Murali,

    You can always check my youtube channel for more tutorial about building fuselage surfaces and empenage. And dont forget to subscribe !

  24. Sir can i have your tutorial of b747, please. I'm learning catia my email is

  25. can i get this model for learning materials i am familiar with this software
    My email is lasterputra @ / lasterputra @
    thank you