Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CATIA V5 tips #1 Analysis your sketch

Assalamualaikum and good day friends and visitors.

Did you ever face a problem where, you can't do pad, pocket process with your sketches? 

Here is how you can do,
// Click cancel on the pad or any 3d process that you have do with your sketches. Usually it will notify to you that your sketch have a problem.
// Go to your sketch by double clicking it. make sure you are in sketcher workbench by now.
// Look onto traffic light icon on the bottom of your CATIA V5 interface.

// Then click to the magnifier icon that is sketch analysis.

// A window of sketch analysis will appears.
// Go to geometry.
// And make sure your profile is closed as notified in the window if you want to do pad or pocket process.
// And also look for any points that are not in used and turn it into construction item or delete item if its not in use in your sketches.
// And look for any overlap lines in your sketches by examining your sketch with the sketch analysis window. And also floating lines that are not in use. usually this mistakes are made by the beginners.

// Last step, make sure your only closed profile is available in the window.

// Click ok. and exit your sketcher. try to do the pad or pocket process and it should be working.

// Else, repeat step no 2 - 10.
// Good luck and keep trying until it works !
// Trust me, i am a specialist.


  1. info yg menarik...
    tips lain utk check - guna extract curve..nnt leh tgk area mane yg tak bersambung..

    best practice -- pastikan setiap sketch dlm "fully constraint".. kadang2 tak fully constrain pun masih boleh buat "pad".

    just my 2cent

  2. Thanks for the info. This is what we called sharing is caring.

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